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Business Builder - 
Small business management suite

Outline your business strategy and break it down into smaller milestones and targets.

Organise your thoughts into a business idea

Write a bankable business plan for your business using our business plan template

Record your progress as you achieve your goals

Daily planning tools such as a to-do list, notepad and journal to help you perform at your best and achieve maximum results.

Create accounts for creditors, debtors, suppliers and strategic partners

Basic book-keeping tools to monitor your income and expenditure as well as to record other business transactions.

Record and keep track of your sales

Guided business activities to take you step by step through the process of writing your business plan using the business plan template.

Create Quotations and follow up on potential leads

A lean one page business plan template to edit and save as a pdf on your device or to use for reference.

You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.

-Warren Buffett

The Business Builder- Small Business Management Suite is an android planning and management app. The app is a combination of planning, productivity, time management and accounting tools. So this makes it the perfect companion for start-ups and small business owners. These tools have been carefully selected for anyone who wants to start a business. Use your mobile device to plan and create a bankable business plan. The Business Builder App comes with two business plan templates. One is a full plan and the other is a lean plan which you can therefore use for meetings, discussions and presentations.

Use the Business Builder’s inbuilt productivity tools to also organize your activities and resources for optimum results. Sort and organize your contacts for easy reference. Keep stock of your inventory and daily activities so as to ensure peak performance. Manage and monitor all aspects of your business affairs from your mobile device. View reports and measure performance so as make quick decisions on the go.

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